Setting Up Kids
for Success in School

Our Mission

Always Be Kind

The Rachel Quinn Children’s Foundation is dedicated to the well-being and educational enrichment of children in the Long Island area. As well as spreading, inspiring and rewarding the characteristics of kindness that Rachel Quinn embodied.

We’ve given out nearly 500 backpacks filled with school supplies in 2022 and over 1,000 as of August 2023. Our main goal is to increase the amount of school bags
we can give out year after year.

How We Help

The Rachel Quinn Children’s Foundation exists to empower kids through their education.


Join us in supporting the journey of students on Long Island by breaking down barriers to learning. We start by supplying students in need with backpacks and the supplies to start their year off right. We continue to support them by sponsoring teams and activities that inspire passion, teamwork and creativity. There will be opportunities for us to sponsor motivational events that stress kindness, empathy and awareness.