How We Help

The Rachel Quinn Children’s Foundation exists to empower kids through their education.

The namesake of RQCF, Rachel Quinn, believed in using her time in the classroom, as an elementary teacher, to go beyond her lesson plans to teach her class empathy. She took every opportunity to show her students how to be kind to one another and prove to them the value of that kindness in the world.

RQCF is starting its journey supporting students facing challenges in our local Suffolk County, NY community. Suffolk County K-12 public schools has 228,757 students enrolled as of 2020 and 43% of those students are considered economically disadvantaged.* That’s over 90,000 students that could have their education benefit from a little extra support.

We have targeted many opportunities to encourage and enact kindness that can help students flourish in their grade school education. There are many ways for everyone to get involved and we invite you to explore and find your best way to contribute.

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Donate Supplies

RQCF supplies children with the items they need to succeed in their upcoming academic year. Items their community may not otherwise provide.

Based on the average supplies list for their grade level, kids will have the opportunity to pick a brand new backpack stuffed with the necessities for the coming year. It’s important to us to provide quality items that will function and last through the year and blend seamlessly with the things their classmates have.

Collecting school supplies is a great way to get kids excited and motivated for the upcoming year. Knowing that they will have what they need and those items will blend seamlessly with the rest of their class reduces anxiety and builds confidence in a student.

Activities and Classroom

To support schools in providing athletic and artistic opportunities that produce well rounded and passionate students RQCF sponsors classes and events to keep classes and clubs alive that inspire kids.

Creativity inspires empathy and often leads to interesting and innovative ways to give back to the community. Sports activities instill teamwork and a sense of unity. When school systems face a budget issue these programs are the most vulnerable. Our support can keep these activities alive and may create more opportunities for kids to receive scholarship opportunities to continue their education.

Kindness Award

Each school year RQCF awards students who have shown themselves to be good examples of choosing kindness. Nominated by friends, family and educators; students who have shown them selves to be thoughtful, considerate and empathetic members of their classes and communities will be eligible for the Rachel Quinn Kindness Award.

Showing kids how to choose kindness every day and shining a light on those who do, proves that there is value in their efforts to always be kind.

Community Support 

By building up our own community we create a lasting support system for generations. Our network of volunteers and supporters become the examples of kindness we want our students to learn from. 

Some of Our Regular Sponsors